A look at past Lehi Heritage Day honorees

March 21, 2023

Lehi Heritage Day honorees are the best of the best Lehi has to offer. Each has give tremendous amounts of time to the betterment of Lehi. They are scout leaders, artists, educators, police officers, Lehi Civic Improvement Association members, church leaders, longtime club members, moms and dads and more.

“It’s so much fun to learn about these great people,” said Lara Bangerter, director of the historical society.

“Each in their own way has done a lot to make Lehi a great place to live.” Community members nominate each year’s nominees and the members of the Lehi Historical Society vote to determine who will be honored each year. Between eight couples or individuals are honored each year. The online nomination form can be accessed here or a physical copy here.

Email physical copies to lehihistory@gmail.com or mail to 99 W. Main St., STE 100, Lehi, UT 84043. All nominations must be submitted by May 1, 2023. Honorees are celebrated in a Showcase Parade and Honoree Celebration with Lehi City Mayor Mark Johnson and the City Council, with a brick with their name on it in the Walk of Fame Garden in front of the Legacy Center and with displays in the Senior Center during a greeting period from 4-6 p.m. Family, friends and the public are invited to attend to three activities to congratulate the honorees.

“Please come and help these wonderful people know how much we appreciate all they have done,” said Lara Bangerter, director of the Archives. Sponsored by Lehi City and put on by the Lehi Historical Society and Archives, Lehi Heritage Day honors those making history today as well as Lehi’s beautiful past. All activities are free and for the public.

Lois Littleford, Lehi Heritage Day 2022 honoree.

Lehi Heritage Day Honorees

Lehi Heritage Day 2022 Honorees

The Lehi Heritage Day 2022 honorees include:

  • Kim Kent and Rebecca Kirkham Beck
  • Wesley and Geraldine Dalley
  • Bob and Verlyn Doyle
  • Bret and Janys Hutchings
  • Roy and Lois Littleford
  • Duane and Linda Scadden
  • Phil Asay and Joyce Gruwell Wasden
  • Mike and June Willes
  • Rick and Sandra Evans Worthen
Lehi Heritage Day 2022 honorees.

Lehi Heritage Day 2020-2021 Honorees

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lehi Heritage Day was canceled in 2020. Those who had been nominated with honored with yard signs and then celebrated at Lehi Heritage Day 2021 along with the 2021 honorees. The Lehi Heritage Day 2020 honorees include:

  • Paul and Karen Kirkpatrick
  • Dale H. and Carma G. Price
  • L. Kay and Sherlean Stone
  • Samuel K. and Jayleen Smuin Wycherley

The Lehi Heritage Day 2021 honorees include:

  • Rial V. and Laurel Berry
  • Randy and Nancy Blackburn
  • Wayne and Loraine Evans Carlton
  • Layne and Diane S. Downs
  • Jim and Pat Gray
  • Lynn M. and Karla J. Nielsen
  • Lillian C. Southwick
  • Arden and Cheryle Tuckett
  • Brent and Valerie Tuckett

Lehi Heritage Day 2019 Honorees

The Lehi Heritage Day 2019 honorees include:

  • Johnny and Amy Barnes
  • Marlin and Donna Barnes
  • Merrill and Glenda Carson
  • Kirk and Bonnie Evans
  • Butch (Ken) and Connie Grace
  • Chuck and Renita Revill
  • Blaine G., Margaret Lott, and Thea Daniel Thomas
  • Raman and Janeen Watkins

Lehi Heritage Day 2018 Honorees

The Lehi Heritage Day 2018 honorees include:

  • Phillip and Mickie (Maxine) Black
  • David and Kim Butterfield
  • Edward and Kaye Collins
  • Dale and Karen Ekins
  • Phillip and Carol Gray
  • Mel and Lueen Kirkham
  • Stan and Peggy Lewis
  • Mike and Beckie Southwick
  • Jim and LaVee Hadfield Strong
  • Bert and Taunya Wilson

Lehi Heritage Day 2017 Honorees

The Lehi Heritage Day 2017 honorees include:

  • Bill and Betty Broadbent Anderson
  • Dean and Noortje Bolles
  • Dee Orlo and Geraldine Brems
  • Arnie and De Ann Cardon
  • Guy and Mary Ellen Cash
  • Jerry and Annette Harris
  • Knollin, Shirley and Deanna Haws
  • Stephen and Gail Holbrook
  • Dave P. and Rhonda Southwick Nerdin
  • Lynn W. and Arlene Slater Peck
  • Marlin and Darlene Peterson

Lehi Heritage Day 2016 Honorees

  • Ken and Reta Greenwood
  • William G. and Kaye Powell
  • Ronald and Kaye Smith
  • Russell and Rita Felt
  • Karl E. and Carol N. Zimmerman
  • Max and Ruby M. Ray
  • Rex T. and Mary Price
  • Boyd and Kathy Stewart
  • Douglas and Colleen Calton
  • DeVere and Karlyn Fowler
  • Paul K. and Doris W. Peterson
  • Garry and Kay Sampson

Lehi Heritage Day 2015 Honorees

  • B. and Udene Cooper
  • Kent and Lois Davis
  • Cleon and Relva Laney
  • Robert “Bud” and Kathleen Lott
  • Leo and Edna Loveridge
  • Mary Ann Judd Johnson
  • Karl and Virginia Moore
  • Don and Marilyn Nielsen
  • Val and Carolyn Player
  • Glen and Beverly Smith
  • Dale and Bette Lou Walker
  • Evelyn Wilcock Yates

Lehi Heritage Day 2014 Honorees

  • Melvin and Dona Anderson
  • LaVere and Virginia Downs
  • Abe and Geraldine Ekins
  • Harvard and Rose Hinton
  • Dean and Gloria Kirkham
  • Gary and Rhea Lewis
  • Carl and Dimple Mellor
  • Glen and Connie Nielson
  • Alvin and Elaine Schow
  • Mike and Shirley Southwick
  • Grant and Rose Smith
  • Ralph and Willa Wing