Heritage Day 2019–Honoring the Early Settlers of the Lehi City Fort 1854-1860

July 09, 2019

“We will introduce the settlers in displays representing the sites of their homes, their biographies and the stories of their involvement in important historical events of their time,” said Lehi resident Wayne E. Clark, whose extensive, documented research is the basis for the theme. “These people built their homes within the wall on the 128 building lots on the 16 city blocks surveyed under the direction of Bishop David Evans in 1854.”

Local historian Wayne Clark talks about the old fort wall, depicted in the JT Harwood painting, that surrounded the city of Lehi from 1854-1860.

Learn more about Clark and his research friendly here.

Settlers of early Lehi lived within a fort for protection from 1854 to approximately 1860. The wall ran down Center Street from First North to Third South over to Fourth West and back to First North.

Held on Labor Day at the Legacy Center at 123 N. Center St., Lehi Heritage Day is an annual city event in which the history of Lehi is celebrated with a parade, a program to honor Lehi citizens making history today, displays, interactive activities, a classic car show and yummy food.

With the theme of the early settlers within the fort wall as the focus, visitors will learn about their dugouts, log cabins and adobe houses, including the oldest home still standing in Lehi. There will be displays on the Tintic War, the Indian House, the Lott Settlement, a contemporary photograph of the fence line shared by Charles Barnes Jr. and Orrin Porter Rockwell, the tithing yard and the site on which Lehi artist James Taylor Harwood stood to make the sketches for his painting, The Old Fort Wall, which is the only known depiction of the mud wall, which stood 12 feet tall.

A handful of Lehi residents who are making Lehi history today with their service to our community will also be honored at Heritage Day in a parade, at an honoree program and with their own brick in the Walk of Fame Garden in front of the Legacy Center. The historical society is taking nominations for honorees until May 1. It will then vote on who to honor this year.

Nomination Form and List of Past Heritage Day Honorees.

If you would like to know more about Lehi Heritage Day, nominate someone who is making history today or see a list of who has already been honored, call 801-768-1570 or check out the historical society’s website at lehihistory.com.



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